Moorgate Limited are now Certified as a Business Partner for Power Systems and Storage

Helping clients to manage their IBM System and Storage challenges

Moorgate Limited ( ), one of IBM's longest standing Business Partners in the UK , has gained accreditation as an IBM Certified Business Partner for Power Systems and Storage. IBM Power Systems unifies IBM System i with the fast growing UNIX operating system platform, IBM System p. Take advantage of a single platform for all AIX, Linux and i applications.

This  accreditation enables Moorgate Limited to deliver and support IBM's Power Systems that unify IBM System i with the fast growing UNIX operating system platform, IBM System p, allowing our customers to take advantage of a single platform for all AIX, Linux and i applications.

Jim Hennessy at Moorgate states "This accreditation demonstrates Moorgate's ability to provide leading edge technology solutions ". He continues "This prestigious award highlights our status as one of UK's leading IBM System and Storage Partners underwriting our technical ability to support our customers in sizing, delivery and maintenance of robust System and Storage solutions".

If you have a requirement for an IBM Power System or Storage solution please contact us on 01925 765432 or use our contact form.

Why IBM Systems?

IBM Power Systems unifies IBM System i with the fast growing UNIX operating system platform, IBM System p. Take advantage of a single platform for all of your UNIX, Linux and i applications.

Today's POWER6 and POWER7 systems combine industry-leading performance, scalability and modularity to enable you to get the most from your investment and build a flexible, responsive infrastructure that easily adapts and grows based on your business needs. With a virtualisation hypervisor built into every Power System, all performance benchmarks are achieved in a virtualised environment, unlike competitive systems that can be subject to lower performance when using third-party virtualisation software.

Power Systems™ gain lower TCO and more resilient infrastructure than those who use other UNIX® or x86 systems because Power delivers:

  • An innovative, dependable technology road map

  • Scalable performance with easy-to-grow modular systems

  • Broad business solutions options with choice of UNIX, IBM i and Linux®

  • Efficient virtualisation for server consolidation and lower cost

  • Flexible workload optimisation for rapid cloud infrastructure deployment

  • Trusted migration expertise for Sun and HP users and for x86 server consolidation.

All Power Systems include EnergyScale™ technology to reduce energy consumption and provide the ability to manage and customise energy usage. Live Partition Mobility and Live Application Mobility sustain system availability during maintenance or re-hosting. Concurrent firmware and operating system updates enable applications to remain available.

Power Systems are also optimised with the ability to securely run multiple applications on AIX, i and Linux operating systems on a single server—so you can manage fewer systems with lower cost and higher utilisation. No longer do you need to manage complex and energy inefficient server farms with each server dedicated to a single application or operating environment. Now you can consolidate workloads and significantly reduce costs throughout your infrastructure, while dramatically improving your ability to meet changing processing demands.

Why IBM System Storage?

Bringing together infrastructure management, virtualisation and productivity software, IBM System Storage™ systems deliver innovative disk, tape and storage networking solutions.

The IBM System Storage advantage

With explosive growth in data, many organisations are struggling to manage, protect, mitigate risk, and maintain rapidly growing information assets while ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Getting control of service levels and growth rates, while reducing business risk and optimising storage management costs, requires a sound information infrastructure - a fundamental aspect of IBM's Dynamic Infrastructure strategy and the backbone to a company's means of storing, protecting, accessing, and extracting new insights from its data and information.

Efficient. Rapid. Cost effective.

Facing the challenges of the information explosion with finite IT budgets, clients require smarter systems -- systems that raise the bar on efficiency, performance and cost savings while lowering management complexity. IBM is announcing storage solutions to address these needs while providing clients with a rapid return on their investment.

Storage efficiency – store less, move data to the right place, get more from what’s on the floor

  • Speed deployment and time-to-value with IBM® Storwise® Rapid Application Storage solution

  • Benefit from an integrated solution with IBM Implementation Services for IBM Storwise Rapid Application Storage 

  • Shrink primary, on-line data in real time and store up to 5 times more data on the same disk without performance degradation with IBM Real-Time Compression.

New levels of application performance in VMware environments

  • Improve application performance with IBM XIV® Storage Systems support for VMware application interface New cost-effective replication software for Storwise V7000

  • Reduce risk with IBM FastBack for Storwise V7000, a bandwidth-friendly IP-based solution for disaster recovery and business continuity.

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