The Box Sizer intelligently measures the empty volume of a loaded standard box and cuts and creases it to final package dimensions ready for folding, sealing, bagging and labelling prior to dispatch.

With the increase in shipping and warehousing costs, Linkx Systems is well positioned to help our customer’s bottom line. The fixed footprint box sizer is the entry level sizing machine. The baby brother of the patented random Boxsixer, it is more suited to B2B operations. The fixed Box sizer will take loaded dispatch cases, cut crease and fold them to suit the contents within, thus reducing void fill, storage and trasnportation costs at a single stroke.

Decreasing Volume, Increasing Savings.

The fixed footprint Box Sizer intelligently measures the empty volume of a loaded box, adjusts itself to cut, crease and fold it to suit the volume of goods within. This technology will take away all of your current manual case sealing operation and provide optimum volume reduction and consistency of pack presentation.  This in turn, will save money, due to carrier companies now charging on volume rather than weight alone. This unique machine has been designed to reduce the volume of packaged goods and excess packaging material.

Features & Benefits:

  • Simple and quick size change facility
  • Clear guard panels
  • Touch screen control
  • Compact design
  • Robust construction
  • UK design and build
  • Operator and engineer friendly
  • Reduced downtime
  • Faster set up time
  • Full UK Service/breakdown support.
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Total operational visibility
  • Simple controls with specific access and permissions

Machine Specification

  • Machine Speed:10 boxes per min
  • Box size Min: 200mm (w) x 200mm (L) x 80mm (H)
  • Box size Max: 500mm (w) x 750mm (L) x 500mm (H)