HP EVA storage customers that are looking to future proofing their storage management requirements now have a great opportunity to invest cutting edge technology that will enhance their current EVA storage environment. Here are two options to consider:

Instead of StoreServ 7200 consider the IBM Storwize V3700 because:

  • You can start low priced with 1Gbit iSCSI and then decide if you need FC or 10Gbit iSCSI
  • You can easily migrate from HP EVA or any other FC based storage system into V3700
  • If 120 disk drives are not enough, easily add a Storwize V7000 in front and grow to 1080 disk drives this is real investment protection

instead of StoreServ 7400 consider the IBM Storwize V7000 because:

  • You can easily migrate from HP EVA or any other FC based storage system
  • You can also keep your old HP EVA under Storwize V7000 and give it a new life with ThinProvisioning, EasyTier and Compression
  • Get up to 80% compression on databases and 50% on virtual servers using Real Time Compression with no performance impact
  • Go from 240 to 960 disk drives using 4 clustered Storwize V7000

Moorgate Limited think that the unique IBM external virtualization feature is spot on. You can keep the old system, but boost its utilization and performance using the Storwize V7000 as front-end. And you can add new modern SAS/SSD capacity in the Storwize V7000 instead of adding old 3.5” FC disk drives in 16 disk enclosures to the HP EVA.

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