As a healthcare provider you need to find ways that allow you to focus on your most important task – caring for your residents, while at the same time running an effective and efficient operation. To assist you in fulfilling regulatory obligations, delivering the quality of services expected by residents and their families, and capitalising on your existing and future technology investments, we provide a solution based on the latest in Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS).

The System is:

  • Hardware independant so the most appropriate technologies may be used

  • Expandable so you can roll out additional applications over time

  • Integrated with your existing IT, Communication and building systems

  • Scalable for monitoring thousands of resources across the enterprise

  • Affordable via low month per tagged item subscription

  • Versatile so your investment is "future-proofed" should systems change

  • Customisable to meet your organisation's unique requirements




We can help you focus on what is important to you and enable you to deliver the outcomes you need.


Achieve greater resident independence, satisfaction, and lower liability risks
• Enable residents to call for assistance from anywhere in the community
• Respond immediately by knowing the name and the exact location of a resident in need
• Receive proactive notifications if your residents are in a potentially dangerous situation
• Automatically escalate alerts so nothing falls through the cracks
• Reduce notification noise to create a more home-like atmosphere

Help your staff be more efficient and deliver high quality care
• Eliminate time wasted having to search for people or equipment
• Turn non-productive time into quality time your staff can spend with residents
• Accurately record response times and frequency of staff-to-resident interactions
• Simplify and speed up documentation and reporting
• Ensure your residents are getting the level of care they deserve

Optimise processes, integrate systems and attain a real-time visibility
Enable information to flow seamlessly between systems
• Get a single view of multiple systems all-in-one place
• Achieve a real-time, accurate view of what is happening in your community
• Eliminate operational inefficiencies
• Make timely and sound business decisions


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