MAXXING is an innovative, component-based, comprehensive yet simple software suite.

Designed for Marketing teams, MAXXING allows Marketers to fully control every stage of their operational marketing processes, from defining campaigns and offers and executing them at the point of sale to managing targeting and customer information. 

Mappingsuite - the ultimate document management system!

Mappingsuite is a spool and forms manager, output manager and electronic document management system based natively on the iSeries, UNIX and is being developed for Windows in the UK.

Infoprint Server

  • Addresses the information presentation requirements of e-business
  • Provides integrated PDF support for iSeries output
  • Enables the electronic distribution of documents and reports via built in e-mail capability
  • Transforms PostScript, PCL, PDF, GIF, TIFF and JPEG data into iSeries formats
  • Applies iSeries print management capabilities to output generated on the network
  • Proven IBM Infoprint technology, designed for business and e-business

 Print Audit


Print Audit Analysis helps enterprises get a grip on printing costs by answering the following questions:

Who is printing?

What are they printing?

Where are the jobs going?

Which printers are used the most?

How large is each print job?