Why consider Cloud Services

If your answer is IBM, you’re well informed. The fact is, the incredibly data-intensive workloads of the highest-performing companies call for something new. With options like our SoftLayer bare metal servers, businesses can run their most demanding apps on dedicated servers—without interference from disruptive neighbors. And this allows smarter companies to get ahead by avoiding spikes in usage that compromise performance.

IBM Cloud is just the ticket for travel and entertainment site.

After moving to the IBM Cloud, the website Tiket.com achieved its objective of improving its response to spikes. One example: they sold 5,000 Big Bang concert tickets in 15 minutes with 15,000 concurrent users. Their competitor crashed for four hours.

Dedicated Servers

SoftLayer dedicated servers now come with more than ever—5TB of public outbound bandwidth and 100Mbps network uplinks in each server, standard. Plus we've raised the starting RAM and hard drive capacity across all our server classes, reduced RAM pricing, and included more in each bandwidth upgrade package for the same price.

  • 5TB public outbound bandwidth, standard
  • 100Mbps network uplinks, standard
  • More starting RAM in most servers
  • More starting storage in most servers
  • Reduced RAM upgrade pricing
  • More bandwidth in upgrade packages

CloudLayer Services

Seamlessly integrate cloud services with dedicated resources with one private network, API and management system.

Discover the promise of cloud, not the compromises. CloudLayer includes virtual servers, remote storage and a robust content delivery network that leverage our core advantages and longtime leadership in automated, on-demand, self-managed infrastructure.

Besides operating as stand-alone solutions, every CloudLayer service seamlessly integrates with SoftLayer dedicated servers and automated services, with one private network, API and management system, and without any special connection mechanism or package. It's that easy to create and control a hybrid computing environment with unprecedented interoperability and efficiency.

And with our one-of-a-kind Build Your Own Cloud server offering, you can customize your virtual servers to your unique application requirements.

It's the scalability that makes the cloud incredible, without the sacrifices in performance, flexibility and security that can make it impractical.

The SoftLayer Difference

SoftLayer is the only provider that allows you to integrate and manage physical and virtual servers within a truly unified environment, for complete flexibility and control of your computing environment.

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