Moorgate employs its own experienced engineers and offers warranty on all new equipment to ensure that our customers are always up and running.

Engineering Excellence

Moorgates' in-house engineering department handles all of the goods-in, storage, cleaning, testing, wrapping and dispatching (and when required installing) of customers equipment. Moorgate engineers are experienced in installing all categories of AS/400, RS/6000 and IBM printer hardware and are familiar with the software requirements and engineering tools involved both in installation and system upgrades.

In addition to this, we occasionally employ external engineers, but only those who can operate to the highest technical standards. A Moorgate customer is never "left in the lurch".

  • We will always endeavour to help our customers to be up and running.
  • We regard engineering as a key service to our customers.
  • We are happy to quote for our engineering services should you need system installs, upgrades etc.
  • Please call us for further details on 01925 765432.


All new goods supplied by Moorgate will have the normal IBM warranty. This is usually 1 year or 3 years dependant on hardware supplied.

Pre and Post Sales Support

Moorgate differentiates itself from many of its competitors by offering FREE pre and post sales support over the phone. We believe we have not made a sale until the customer is happy with the solution we have provided.