BM System x solutions: robust solutions that drive business results

Whether your business requires a “quick start” solution or you do your own integration, IBM System x® servers provide highly reliable and flexible platforms that can scale quickly, easily and inexpensively, so you can stretch your IT budget and confidently execute your business objectives – even as conditions change.

Today, your business has to be on – all the time. When information and requirements change on a dime, you need to adapt and respond just as quickly. But it’s not easy. You must analyze mountains of data almost instantly – to make smart, informed decisions. You must maximize your uptime and resource usage. But you also want to minimize your footprint and control your costs.

Simple-to-use solutions built on IBM® System x® servers can help you meet these challenges

What's new:

Operating systems for System x


Take advantage of the power of open standards and build your Linux® infrastructure backed by IBM leadership and industry-leading Linux distributions.


Mitigate risk and maximize productivity with x86 servers optimized to run a range of Microsoft® Windows® Server offerings.


Benefit from a highly flexible, reliable, and scalable IT environment with VMware® running on x86 servers designed for virtualization.


Get the performance and reliability needed for your demanding technical compute applications with a safe and robust IT infrastructure.

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