Moorgate would like to help you to obtain the highest degree of reliability and print quality from your printers. In conjunction with IBM, we can offer the full range of IBM maintenance services to meet all the requirements of any of the printers currently on the market - not just the new ones, and not just the IBM models!

Printer Maintenance Services

We can offer IBM Maintenance on any printer that you buy from us. Normal maintenance hours are Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 19.00 hours. However, if you wish more flexible coverage hours, we can tailor a package for you with service coverage available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

IBM ServicePac

ServicePacs are pre-priced and fixed term warranty upgrade services for IBM hardware. Each ServicePac has been created by IBM to meet the specific need in the marketplace - whether it is for maintenance of a hardware product, telephone support, or installation services. Service coverage is available during IBM office hours, Monday to Friday, except Public Holidays. Hassle-free! Every IBM ServicePac that you buy from us, we will register with IBM for you, and if required we can arrange to add your new printer to a Printer Service Agreement, or to your existing IBM Agreement. Non-IBM Printers All the non-IBM printers that we sell can also be maintained on an IBM Maintenance contract!  

Machine Installation & Relocation

Moorgate will take the pain out of relocating. Contact us today if you are looking for structured cabling services, movement and or disposal of IT Equipment.

Laser Printer Maintenance Kit

An IBM service engineer will perform a print test to verify the operation of the printer(s), supply and fit the appropriate maintenance kit according to the manufacturers instructions and perform a print test to verify the operation of the printer(s) after the maintenance kit has been fitted.

Printer Valet Service

We all know that printers work better if they are kept clean. With our valet service, you can use our engineers on site to clean the inside as well as the outside covers, plus make any adjustment and add any lubrication if necessary. In order to benefit from this service you must be covered by an IBM Maintenance Agreement.

Key Operator Service

All printers have a number of tasks that need to be performed periodically to maintain excellent print quality, for example, photo-conductors, developer and cleaner units need replacing and the inside of the printer needs to be cleaned. With the Key Operator Service you can use our expertise to satisfy these requirements. We will provide you with both an assigned IBM service engineer and an account manager, who will manage your printer supplies.

Printer Operator Training

To ensure that you get the best from your current investment in printing, we can equip your staff with exactly the right skills needed to most effectively operate your IBM printers, to achieve this we can design an on-site training programme for you. The cost of this service will be determined by both the number of training sessions and the type(s) of printers to be included.

On-site Engineering Support

We can provide you with an IBM Customer Service Engineer to be present at your location during your critical print schedules, or be dedicated 'standby'. You specify the period and our engineer will be on hand to perform the maintenance on the printing subsystem equipment covered by an IBM Maintenance Agreement in the event of machine failure.