Platform Architecture

The Enterprise Visibility Platform is built using standard Web Service interfaces to a variety of systems. The interface to clinical IT systems is both HL7 as well as HIPAA compliant to ensure system interoperability and complete security and privacy of patient data. The openness and extensibility of the platform ensures you will be able to integrate with new systems you may later acquire, essentially "future proofing" your investment.

Platform Components and Features

The Enterprise Visibility Platform is built upon a highly scalable, open architecture designed for maximum flexibility and interoperability. The software is sold on an affordable per item per month subscription basis and it may be hosted either via the secure enterprise-class InSites Hosting Centre, or at your own hosting facility. Bundled at no additional charge, the platform includes a variety of features and applications for patient flow, asset management, and inventory management.

From serving as a wireless nurse call and staff duress system to a full ED and OR workflow solution, the system allows healthcare organisations to leverage their real-time location infrastructure for maximum value and benefit. The software has been designed to provide a comprehensive solution on day one, while offering unlimited flexibility to expand the solution over time. The result? Customers can be confident the InSites Platform will serve their needs today while protecting their investment going forward.

So, why is an enterprise platform important?

An enterprise platform has many benefits over niche software products or application specific hardware. Many software products are only suited for limited uses, such as either ED work flow or asset tracking. Similarly, most location hardware solutions are only suitable for specific applications. For example, ultrasound and infra-red provide room-level granularity suitable for patient flow as well as asset tracking. For asset management, WiFi or ultra-wideband location technologies may be adequate. Tracking inventory often requires a completely separate hardware infrastructure comprised of inexpensive passive RFID tags and specialised readers.

Using our highly-scalable enterprise platform approach enables you to pull it all together into one single system, minimising the learning curve for staff while simplifying management of the system for the IT department. With the inSites platform, your return on investment continues to grow as you expand how you use location information to automate your processes, optimise resources, and improve the quality of care you provide.

  • Hardware independent so the most appropriate technologies may be used

  • Expandable so you can roll out additional applications over time

  • Integrated with your existing IT, communication, and building systems

  • Scalable for monitoring thousands of resources across the enterprise

  • Affordable via low per month per tagged item subscription

  • Versatile so your investment is "future-proofed" should systems change

  • Customisable to meet your organisation's unique requirements

Overview of the Solution

  • Patient Flow Optimisation

  • Asset and Inventory Management

  • Business Intelligence

  • Lean Environment and Six Sigma

  • Staff Duress

  • Positive Patient Identification

  • Visitor and Contractor Monitoring

  • Temperature Monitoring

  • Wireless Nurse Call

  • Work flow and Task Management

  • Security and Access Control

  • Wander Prevention

  • Bed Management

  • Transport Management

  • Disease Control

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